Yin Liming
Deputy Director of Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Guo Zhaoping
Vice President, China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd.
He Xing
Vice President, China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Zhang Wei

Former Secretary-General of the APSCO

Gao Jun

China Aerospace Industry Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

General manager
Tong Xudong
Director of the Earth Observation and Data Center of the National Space Administration
Pac?me Révillon
CEO, Euroconsult
Man Xuan

China Aerospace Industry Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

Ren Fumao

Jiangtai Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.

Assistant to the president
Zeng Lan

Researcher, Macroeconomic Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission

Nasir Mahmood

APSCO Minister of External Relations and Legal Affairs

Jiang Hui

CNSA-Department of International Cooperation

Liu Jing

CAS-Monitoring & Application of Space Debris

Weng Jingnong

Executive Director, Asia-Pacific Regional Centre for Space Technology Education, affiliated to the United Nations

Zheng Zuoya

Deputy Chief Engineer, China Electric Power Group Electronic Science Research Institute

Zhang Xiaozhou

vice president ADS China

Yang Tong

Deputy General Manager, Asia Pacific, China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Lv Zipping

China Telecom Satcom (COO)

She Zhangshu


Yin Jing

Thaicom(Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office)

Yao Faha,

China Satcom Group(COO)

He Mu

Head of Satellite Navigation Division, Great Wall Industry Group, China

Cheng Congwu

Founder of Gao De Map

Jiao Wenhai

Chief Engineer, China Satellite Navigation Engineering Center

Meng Yansong

Director, Navigation Institute, Xi'an Branch, China Academy of Space Technology

Wang Li

Director,China National Satellite Navigation System Management Office

Zhang Xiaohong

Distinguished Professor and Ph.D.

Zhang Qingjun

Chief of the General Department of the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology

Yan Ming

Deputy Chief of Aerospace Long March Rocket Technology Co., Ltd.

Guo Jian

President of the Norwegian National Energy Chamber of China and consultant to KSAT China

Li Jing

Chief Engineer, Shaanxi Xingyi Space Technology Co., Ltd.

Xue Jingdong

Chief Representative of the Swedish Representative Office of the Swedish Space Company (SSC)

Zhao Lei

CEO of Beijing Aerospace Haoxing Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhao Kun

representative of Satellogic China

Ge Houyi

general agent of Planet Asia Pacific

Gu Xingfa

Vice President, Institute of Aerospace Information, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Academician of the International Academy of Astronautics

An Yuan

Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager

Wei Zheng

Deputy Secretary-General, China Remote Sensing Satellite Application Association

Ma Weisheng

Director of 21st Century Space Technology Application Co., Ltd.

Xu Liping

CEO of Beijing Aerospace World Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Wang Zijun

Director of Remote Sensing Office, Shanghai Satellite Engineering Research Institute

Li Shi

China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Wang Jinnian

Chairman and President of Zhongke Remote Sensing Technology Group

Xue Lijun

Vice President of Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfang Honghai Special Co., Ltd.

Yan Jun

Chairman of Zhuhai Obit Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhang Guo

Professor/Ph.D. Supervisor, Wuhan University

Dr.Corvin Liaw


Lan Tianyi

Founder of Beijing Qianyu Aerospace Consulting Co., Ltd.

Cao Jin

Deputy Director, Micro-Nano Satellite Research Institute, Institute of Microsatellite Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Du Zhigui

Vice President, Changsha Tianyi Space Science and Technology Research Institute

Gao Qianfeng

Co-founder of Galaxy Aerospace (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

He Weidong

Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director of Beijing Zero Weight Space Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Yu

Vice President of Beijing Jiutian MSI Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Xu Yundong

Vice President of Shanghai Lizheng Satellite Application Technology Co., Ltd.

Xin Qiang

Founder of the Little Rocket Union

Cao Meng

Marketing Director, Aerospace Science and Technology Rocket Technology Co., Ltd.

Huo Jia

Vice President of Beijing StarCraft Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd.

Li Shaoning

Deputy Chief Engineer, China Long March Rocket Co., Ltd.

Zhou Xianliang

Vice President, Beijing Zero Space Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhang Long

Senior Executive Vice President, Blue Arrow Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd.


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